Manpower Outsourcing

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Typical Sizes

We undertake the designing, fabrication and erection works of towers. These self supporting towers are designed for various heights with different loading and wind conditions. Checked for quality from IIT, Delhi or from SERC, Chennai, the range we deal in include:

Self Supporting Towers

Ground based towers      :      Height ranging from 30 mtr. to 80 mtr.
Roof top towers             :      Height ranging from 12 mtr. to 21 mtr.

Angular & Tubular Towers

We have number of designs available of 3-legged and 4-legged towers for both angular as well as tubular towers.
Tubular Structures       :       Height ranging from 21 mtr. to 60 mtr.
Pole Structure             :       Height ranging from 3 mtr. – 15 mtr.

Fabrication and Galvanizing of Tower Accessories

North Infratel India Limited undertakes Fabrication, Galvanizing, Supply & Erection of tower accessories like Antenna Pole Mounts, Cable Trays, Wall Mount Brackets, Horizontal Cable Ladders