Site Acquisition

By July 6, 2018Services


We undertake site acquisition works, which consists of following activities:

  • Identification of BTS candidate sites along with customer RF team.
  • Discussion with the owners to explain the requirements.
  • Preparation of the preference list of options with report for acquisition.
  • Space ownership verification for the selected candidate site.
  • Be associated with customer personnel for commercial negotiations & finalizations.
  • Agreement with the owner on customer guidelines for the selected candidate site.

The following documents of the acquired site are submitted to the customers,

  • Lay Out Drawings
  • Site Survey
  • Site Engineering
  • Preparation of site-specific drawings (Site layout plan & Site layout report).
  • Site survey and inspection are provided for all the candidate sites but the Site Engineering will be done.
  • Structural Analysis Report

Structural Analysis of existing structure.
Certification for stability by certified structural engineer for the selected candidate.
Structural design of foundation and drawings for tower and DG for the selected candidate.

Foundation design

  • Detailed layout plan showing position of tower, shelter, DG and earthing pits location
  • Design of tower , shelter , DG foundations taking into account the site layout and space availability.
  • Issuing final approved construction drawing along with BOQ and bar binding schedule.

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